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Novel by Sinclair Lewis, a satiric indictment of fundamentalist religion that caused an uproar upon its publication in 1927. The title character of Elmer Gantry starts out as a greedy, shallow, philandering Baptist minister, turns to evangelism, and eventually becomes the leader of a large Methodist congregation. Throughout the novel Gantry encounters fellow religious hypocrites, including Mrs. Evans Riddle, Judson Roberts, and Sharon Falconer, with whom he becomes romantically involved. Although he is often exposed as a fraud, Gantry is never fully discredited.


Let's set the scene...

Rory and Lorelai are at Weston's, sampling wedding cake (even though Sookie's making the cake already.  Nice way to screw over sweet little Fran!)


Rory: Oh, I printed up some sample invitations for you. I made them on my computer
Lorelai: Aww.
Rory: All you have to do is pick out a quote for the front page, and I'll print 'em up. [shows Lorelai the sample invitations]
Lorelai: Okay. Um… "What is love? It is the morning and the evening star." Ugh.
Rory: Sinclair Lewis.
Lorelai: Sinclair Sappy Lewis.


My thoughts:

I NEEDED A COMEUPPANCE!  Sinclair Sappy Lewis owes me one comeuppance!  


Also, if Lorelai knew just how insincere Elmer Gantry's quote about love being the morning and the evening star were... she might have been more apt to use it instead of the Mussolini quote.  In reality, there is nothing sappy about Sinclair Lewis in this story.  And I'm still mad at him.


[Note: I'm not really upset.  Although I wish syphillis on Elmer Gantry, I am not one of those people that dislikes a book because the author didn't make the character choices I wanted him too.  While Elmer deserves syphillis, life doesn't always punish those who deserve punishment.]


Who do I see reading this in the Stars Hollow gazebo?

She needs to know that Sinclair Lewis isn't the romantic schlub she originally thought he was given that quote.  So she should read it.  I believe she would rant about justice with me afterwards.

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