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Behold! In theaters now... The Thing That Reads A Lot

I have an obsession. It's an obsession I allow myself to give into fully whenever I'm having a bad day, a good day or, hell... a SATURday! It's an obsession, that, without fail makes me happy.

That obsession?

Gilmore girls

*(note: I'm a purist about this show... the g in "girls" should always be lowercase as the show's title. Proof included below)


This show originally aired on The CW... a poignant, funny, fast-paced show about the relationship between a mother and daughter and their life in an eccentric small town. When I first discovered this show, it was like it was written for me. Set in Connecticut, I could totally relate to the feel of living in a Stars Hollow-like town, where you better be well-behaved or everyone will know you're business before you can say "Babette Ate Oatmeal!". This born and bred Connecticut girl feels great pride for the home team, so I'm ecstatic that a show focuses on what it's like to live in this small-but-beautiful state. Gilmore girls gives Connecticut the love it has deserved all along (and for those non-Connecticut residents, I'll tell you, Gilmore girls gets it right about 99% of the time)! A few weeks ago, as I spent yet another entire Saturday drinking cup after cup of coffee (unfortunately, not as good as I imagine Luke's to be) on my couch watching entire seasons in one sitting... I came up with a little project for myself. I particularly liked the idea that this project would turn my obsession into a more intellectual endeavor... thereby lending credence to the HOURS of my life I have wasted with Lorelai and Rory.


The challenge is as follows: I will read all books mentioned throughout all 7 seasons of Gilmore girls. I will have to make some calls along the way... seeing Rory remove 4 books out of her locker doesn't count (I am NOT reading textbooks). If a character references a book within the dialogue, or if that book is spotlighted within an episode... I will read it! For the most part this sounds like fun. It'll force me to read a lot of classics I have just never gotten around to. However, there are a few that, to put it mildly... SCARE THE EVER-LOVIN' CRAP OUT OF ME! One example of this that immediately springs to mind is The Rise and Decline of the Roman Empire (a book that took Ivy League-educated Richard Gilmore over 40 years to read). But I'll try my hardest and know I will have some amazing experiences in the process. Don't be mistaken, this has been attempted before by other diehard fans of the show. I am not stating that this an incredibly original idea... but I think it'll be an interesting adventure. And hell, I always need new things to read. In short-- where they lead, I will follow. Cue opening credits.

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