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"It's pure Dickens."

For a girl who hated her first experience with Dickens (Hard Times) with a fiery passion... I can't believe how much Chuck will be invading my life over the next few weeks (or months). I think this is a punishment devised by my dad, who is a huge Dickens fan and thinks I'm crazy for disliking him. About a month before I started this challenge, I gave the ole boy another chance and read Oliver Twist. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I have a feeling that my high school teachers made a grave mistake in first exposing us to Dickens via Hard Times. It says it right there in the name, people! Pip, pip, cheerio and all that! Let's begin our Dickens marathon with David Copperfield. [BW&R Note: I actually started this Sunday night, right after I finished War and Peace... I needed to keep the momentum going]

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