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Death junkie

Due to the wonder of Facebook, I have just been introduced to the fabulous Books section on Flavorwire. I could spend HOURS browsing this site. I am learning the most interesting things about my favorite authors (a lot of the authors referenced we've either met or will meet shortly on our little journey) and am fascinated about the sordid lives they lead when they're not sitting at their computer (or typewriter, or quill & ink, or cave wall... are we back far enough yet?).

I just came across an interesting fact about our boy Charles Dickens that I can totally relate to. Flavorwire posted an article about the various vices of some of literature's biggest heroes. Shocker that William S. Burrough's addiction was heroin... but some of the facts were much less "duh".

What does the brain that conceived of Pip, David Copperfield et al obsess over in his spare time?

The morgue.

"I am dragged by invisible forces to the morgue." ~ Charles Dickens

And now you all think I'm crazy. That's cool... wouldn't be the first time. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a mortician (it was between mortician and wedding planner... can't say my interests aren't well-rounded and diverse!). I love the story behind the use of human cadavers throughout history (hence my adoration for Stiff by Mary Roach... and really anything else Ms. Roach has ever written). I love the grotesque and the morbid. At my grandmother's wake, I tried to figure out a way to get them to let me downstairs. Husband recently had to do work in some local morgues and he actually called me to brag... because although he's a pansy about that kind of stuff (I think he was thisclose to wetting his pants and running out screaming), he knows that I live for it.

At least Chuck and I are crazycakes together!

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