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Saved by the bell!

And with The Shining review, we come to the end of season 1, episode 2: "The Lorelai's First Day at Chilton". Yes... that's right, we've only finished TWO EPISODES! I think I'll be in a retirement home by the time I get to the Logan years (NOT my favorite years, if you must know). So... onward and upward! It's on to episode 3 "Kill Me Now". In this episode, Rory begins to build a relationship with her grandfather after a successful day at the club. They begin to realize that they have a lot in common... including reading and traveling. This, not surprisingly, bothers Lorelai... as she has spent her entire life trying to escape from the world of pearls and afternoon drinks at the club that her parents had so carefully built.


This episode isn't very book reference intense... so hopefully episode 4 is just on the horizon.

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