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Saying goodbye...

For most people who grew up within the past 50 years, the name Jan Berenstain likely brings up some fond memories.

berenstein bears.png

Jan Berenstain, who wrote and illustrated the popular children's book series The Berenstain Bears, passed away Friday shortly after suffering a stroke. She was 88 years old. She was predeceased by her husband Stan (another name very familiar to most kids who grew up after 1962), who also wrote and illustrated the adventures of Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Brother Bear and Sister Bear.


Although this is not Gilmore-related, this woman's death couldn't go by unacknowledged by The Black, White & Read Book Challenge blog. For many children, The Berenstain Bears were their first exposure to the wonderful world of books. This series holds a special spot in own heart... my sister and best friend, Lindsey was obsessed with the books about this lovable bear family. Jan and Stan's sons Mike and Leo are ensuring that his parent's legend lives on... working diligently on the illustration and business side of their family's legacy respectively. The Berenstain Bears series is still alive and well, tackling more modern subjects as technology and health issues impact this generation's children on a daily basis. Thank you, Jan and Stan! You created fifty years of bookworms... and your contribution to this world will continue to get kids to love reading!

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