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We're going to miss that old broad!

In episode five, Babette and Morey's beloved cat Cinnamon passes away. The people of Stars Hollow rally around the distraught couple to celebrate Cinnamon's life and to support the Dells as they say goodbye to their child.

cinnamons wake.jpg

While attending Cinnamon's wake, Lorelai forgets about her first date with Max Medina. Rory sees him arrive at the Gilmore's to pick up her mother, and the cat is out of the bag (pun intended) about Lorelai's relationship with her literature teacher. In exchange, Lorelai unintentionally has a front-row seat to a potential romance budding between Dean and Rory.

R.I.P. Cinnamon! You were one "very fat, very beloved cat". You'll be missed!

maury and babette.JPG

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