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Happy Birthday, Rory

In episode six of the first season, we're invited to celebrate the 16th birthday of one Miss Lorelai Leigh Gilmore. Emily, in yet another misguided good intention, invites all of Chilton to a formal birthday party for Rory held at the Gilmore estate. At this time, the idiots at Chilton are completely unaware of how awesome our girl is, so Rory is dreading this event. She keeps this fact from her mother, as Lorelai and Emily seem to be getting along for the first time in... ever. After an unusual blow up between Emily and Rory about the party, Lorelai invites her mother to the second, less formal Stars Hollow celebration scheduled to take place the following night. Emily, hurt and embarrassed, refuses the invitation. Luckily, Emily eventually comes to her senses and she and Richard show up at Lorelai and Rory's house along with the entire town of Stars Hollow. This is the first time that Emily and Richard have ever been into their house, and as Emily wanders around... she finally realizes that she doesn't know her own daughter. It's definitely one of the moments when you realize that Emily's issues with Lorelai really do come from a place of love and caring... no matter how intrusive or wrong they are. Here's one of my favorite scenes in this episode. It really gives a glimpse into the intimacy and love between my favorite mother and daughter duo.

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