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I suck.

Well, I know you were all under the impression that I could do no wrong (hey! I hear the laughing! Stop it!). But, today... I'm going to disappoint you. I've done something inexcusable and I'm here to confess my sin...

I read the wrong book.

::hangs head in shame::

Here's the transcript for the book reference in episode 6 "Rory's Birthday Parties"

(Doorbell rings. Lorelai and Rory come in.)

Lorelai: Jeez, Mom. Leave some servants for the rest of the neighborhood.

Emily: There she is -- the birthday girl.

Rory: Hi Grandma.Lorelai: Wow, you really went all out, huh?

Emily: Well I wanted everything to be perfect. What do you think?

Lorelai: I think Edith Wharton would have been proud, and busy taking notes.

For those of you familiar with Ethan Frome... it's a tragic tale set in a stark, New England winter. Doesn't exactly scream "Emily Gilmore Opulence" to you, does it? Well, apparently the rest of Wharton's books are about the high society scene in New York City. Yeah... that's more like it. But of course, I picked her ONE outlier. I think part of it was that I secretly wanted to read Ethan Frome.

Luckily, Ethan Frome is short. UNLUCKILY, I didn't even realize my mistake until I was already done with my review post. So... to my faithful readers (or the people who happen upon this blog when they're Googling for photos of Lauren Graham)... you're in luck! You get a BONUS book! Let's just pretend this is all a service I'm providing you and that you're getting some sort of BOGO deal! Payless Shoes has NOTHING on Bear Allen!

Anyway... let's call this a really long way to introduce that our next book is The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton.

Starting.......................... NOW!

[And as an "I'm sorry" gift, here's a scene from "Rory's Birthday Parties". Emily and Lorelai attempt to shop for a gift for Rory.]

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