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Rock the drop, yo!

In honor of Support Teen Lit Day, people all over the country are dropping their favorite Young Adult book in public places for an unsuspecting (and lucky) teenager to find and enjoy! It encourages the love of reading in people who are of a generation wholly overwhelmed by Wii and reality tv. Picking up a book found on the sidewalk or on a park bench might be the start of a love affair with books that will last until their dying day and will be passed along to their own children and grandchildren. If you'd like to participate, here are the deets: 1. Purchase one of your favorite YA books... maybe even the book that made you a bookworm! 2. Print out this bookplate and attach it to said book. 3. Leave your treasure in a public place where you think a reader may find it. 4. Snap a pic of your and post it on the readergirlz Facebook wall or tweet your drop with #rockthedrophashtag. Get thee to your local bookstore and begin Rocking the Drop!

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