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Yay for shameless self promotion!

I was accosted a few weeks ago when I went to see Titanic 3D (yes, the ship sinks. Hardy har har. Can we drop that joke now? It's been 10 years, people!) by a woman and her daughter who saw me donning my Dragonfly Inn t-shirt. After we spoke about our love of "the girls", I mentioned that I love Gilmore girls SO much that I started this here blog. As I gave them the address, the mother insisted that I get business cards so I could hand them out to people who I come across throughout my day. This woman was not the first person to suggest this to me, but this was the final sign that it was time to hit up Vistaprint and take advantage of their insane rates. After fiddling with the design for a few days, I ended with this little beaut, which was delivered to my door on Saturday afternoon! Front:




Would it be inappropriate for me to bring a bunch of these on my trip and scatter them across Europe and Africa? Gilmore girls for world peace, y'all!

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