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30 Day Gilmore girls Challenge

I've recently become acquainted with tumblr (after seeing so much traffic to my I Touched the Pope post come from there), and although it still confusing me (I'm simple), I have found some pretty cool things in the process! Gilmore girls is alive and well on tumblr, so it's a place where I can definitely hang.I came across a 30 Day Gilmore girls Challenge that some tumblr people (tumblists? tumblrers? tumblites?) are participating and thought I'd join in... seeing as I have PLENTY to say about the citizens of Stars Hollow.So, here we go... Day 1

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Day 1. Are you a Lorelai or a Rory?

If you know me, you know I am most definitely a Lorelai. Without question. The only way I'm similar to Rory is in my love of reading... but the rest of me is all Lorelai. I talk and think fast (not always successfully, but some actual thought occurs). I'm in my 30s but feel like I'm about 12 years old. I appreciate the most silly, inane things. And I would TOTALLY buy an alarm clock because it was furry. To attest to my Lorelainess, just ask Husband. Every time I'm watching an episode, there are at least a handful of times where I get the knowing side-eye from him that screams "This is my life! This is what I hear every day!". The main way Lorelai Victoria and I differ is in her astounding ability to completely sabotage a healthy male-female relationship in 3.5 seconds flat. I've been with Husband since I was 17 years old (for 14 years... don't do the math!)... so there are no Max/Digger/Christopher/Luke hot messes in my life (I left out Alex because, well... who remembers Alex? The man disappeared and was found in Forks, Washington... father to a whiny emo chick with a thing for sparkly skin. Damn you, Charlie Swann!).

But yeah... definitely Lorelai. Now, just awaiting the plastic surgery to make the transformation compl.... NEVERMIND! So, how about you? Are you a Lorelai or a Rory... and why?

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