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Five years ago...

On this day, five years ago... Luke was stitching together tarps to make sure that Stars Hollow could say a proper goodbye to Rory. And Luke and Lorelai were kissing after a year of marriages to other people, secret children and pain. And Rory and Lorelai were having their last breakfast (with lots of coffee) at Luke's before The Littlest Gilmore headed off to trail a young senator who we would come to call The President of the United States of America.

In totally unrelated news, besides the fact that it makes me happy (because these are some of my non-Gilmore-related obsessions): Danneel Harris Ackles and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary today

jensen and daneel.jpg

... And if Monica Geller and Chandler Bing (or Ms. Chanadaler Bong) were real, today would've been their 11th wedding anniversary!

monica and chandler.jpg

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