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Day 4

Day 4. Is there anyone in your life that you know a character HAS to be based off of because they are so similar?

stars hollow group.jpg

I've been told I'm like Lorelai. I choose to believe them. It's nice here in Fantasy Land!

Luke reminds me a lot of my husband. There is one scene (that I can't seem to find video of. You've failed me YouTube!) where Luke and Liz are speaking in the diner. Liz touches his face and Luke looks up at her. Every time I see this scene, it's overwhelming how much he reminds me of Husband at that very moment. Husband has given me that exact same look hundreds of times. Husband is also the ultimate Renaissance Man... another thing he has in common with Luke. I love that he can replace our furnace by himself... and then go upstairs and prepare a gourmet meal.

If someone was to create a movie about our lives, Lindsey (Bear Allen's sister) would most definitely be played by Rory. They look very similar (lucky bitch), they're both peacemakers but they can give you a good kick in the ass when you need it. They also root for the underdog and defend people... no matter what side they're on. Like Rory is a better person in general than Lorelai, my sister is a better person than me. And how Rory is Lorelai's hero... the same holds true for me and Lindsey.

Liz Danes reminds me a lot of Mama Bear. Good-natured, funny, marches to the beat of her own drummer. Liz fought her way out of her dark past... to get to a life surrounded by goodness and light. Liz's life is an inspiration... so is Mama Bear.

Is there anyone in your life that reminds you of a Gilmore girls character?

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