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I'm officially a Bunhead!

Okay... so I watched the pilot episode of Bunheads, Amy Sherman-Palladino's return-to-awesome. And I'm note quite sure how to say this, but...

sutton 2.jpg

...I LOVED IT! The spirit of Gilmore girls is alive and well in this show, but don't be mistaken... Bunheads is not a revamp of Sherman-Palladino's hit. The characters are new and fresh, but the writing has the same quick-wit and biting comedy that made us fall in love with Lorelai Gilmore in the first place. Sutton Foster, while not Lauren Graham, blew me away in her first foray off of The Great White Way. Her timing and physical comedy immediately make her irresistibly lovable. Kelly Bishop (formerly Emily Gilmore) is pure genius in her roll as Fanny- aging dance studio owner (think Miss Patty, but a little more angry and a little less sex-starved) who isn't quite sure what to make of the new daughter-in-law that has just been thrust upon her. I wont give it away, but there are a few transplants from Stars Hollow, now taking up residence in Paradise! Keep an eye out... true Gilmore girls will catch them right away! In the end, I'm kind of kicking myself for watching the episode three weeks early. Now I'm hooked and have FOUR WEEKS to get through before a new episode. I think AS-H has another hit on her hands. I'm so excited she's back!

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