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Day 9!

Day 9. What is the number one thing that’s happening in pop culture right now that you wish the Gilmore Girls were still around to talk about/make fun of?


Fifty Shades of Gray. I would love to hear Lorelai and Rory rank on the people who apparently think this is great literature.

I would also love to hear them make fun of Twilight... Bella and Edward's unhealthy codependent dynamic.

I'd like to hear Lorelai compare Glee to Cop Rock. Because I love Glee, I'd like to believe that Lorelai would love Glee as well.

I'd just love to hear references to Bieber Fever, Perez Hilton, Lady Gaga... I think the Gilmore girls would have a lot of material given the craziness of this time period! What are some pop culture references you would love to hear the girls mention?

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