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75% down!

So, this was pretty much my view all weekend long...

quixote kindle.JPG

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday (thank God for long weekends) ... I pretty much spent all day in the glorious sunshine, in the same chair, with a rotating glass of Riesling, coffee or iced cold Diet Pepsi at my side... trying to plow through the rest of Don Quixote (figuring that it'd be better drunk, and therefore easier to focus on. I was wrong.). Although I didn't finish it yet, I was proud of the fact that I read more of the book over these past three days than over the past two months (and yeah, I know the week long vacation really doesn't make a dent in the reason why it's taken me so long). Though that's probably something to be ashamed of, too. All in all, I think I'm over the hump that is Don Quixote's prostrate, windmill-kicked body. I'm hoping to finish it within the next couple of days. If I don't turn on Supernatural (bye bye Jensen Ackles!), I should be golden!

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