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Before Johnny Depp...

... there was Hunter S. Thompson.With the completion of Northanger Abbey, we now begin Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas by the very interesting, very eccentric Mr. Thompson.

hunter s thompson.jpg

I was actually hoping I'd be able to make up some time that was killed by Cervantes by getting through the next several books quickly. And then my chintzy-ass local library decided that it was too GOOD to carry anything by Hunter S. Thompson. Luckily, the library one town over from me has a few copies of Fear & Loathing available... unfortunately this is one of those few times where I have a life, so I wont even have an opportunity to make it to that library til MONDAY (and wtf kind of library isn't open on an effing SATURDAY?! I feel like I live in a communist state or something). I think you should all comment on this post and assist me in guilting Husband into picking up the book for me tonight. Yes, as my friend Andreé said, it's REALLY bad when your Husband hesitates to check out a library book for you because of your past performance.

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