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So, you all got to watch (or at least DVR) Amy Sherman-Palladino's return to television in the form of Bunheads. As I've already told you what I thought... I'd LOVE to hear what you have to say! Please leave a comment if you had the chance to check it out.

bunhead gif.gif

ABCFamily played the episode again right after the first airing. And of course I watched with rapt attention yet again. Making the number of times I've seen the pilot of Bunheads as of the airing date a grand total of FIVE! And I'll totally admit it, when the "Dorothy Parker Drank Here" logo came up (AS-P's production company), I teared up. It probably didn't help that I had JUST come from the library to pick up a copy of The Portable Dorothy Parker for episode 9. But yes... there were actual tears. SHE'S BACK! In the meantime, here are some pics of real life Bunheads, in their miniature form. These are the ridiculously adorable offspring of friends of mine. Who knows... maybe Miss Sherman-Palladino will read this post and make them stars. If so, I want some sort of kick back!

pinky ballerina.jpg
pinky ballerina 2.jpg

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