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Obscure Gilmore girls reference

So... today is Edward Cullen's 111th birthday (I should be shot for even knowing this). In celebration of this momentous fictional occasion, Lionsgate/Summit released it's official trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Some of my coworkers were reviewing it and they sent me the above screenshot... asking who this was. They are not Gilmore girls fans, so they were thinking of him as being in some more recent movies. I responded "I don't know what his name is... but he was in Gilmore girls".

Anyone want to take a guess who this guy is before that whole heart-stops-beating, blood-drinking thing? It's actually super-pathetic that I recognize him immediately. He's not even a 17th tier character.

Put your guesses in the comments! [this may or may not be the work of a desperate Comment Whore]


The guy in the above pic is "Andy". If you don't know who Andy is (and you really shouldn't)... he's from season 4, episode 11 ("In the Clamor and the Clangor"). Lane's Seventh Day Adventist College classmates are at Casa de Kim discussing an upcoming assignment.... interviewing a person with great influence on the community. While Lane stupidly tries to convince them to interview Bill Clinton, the rest of her classmates talk about interviewing Pastor Cho (as they do EVERY year... you get a real sense from this scene how miserable Seventh Day Adventist College is). Except for one notable exception... Andy here seems to have a bit of a crush on "Assistant Pastor Eric" and continually requests that they interview him for their assignment.

If you remember this scene, you realize just the kind of illness I have when it comes to Gilmore girls. He literally has two lines in the entire series. He never reappears. Aside from his obsession with Assistant Pastor Eric, he doesn't even provide any sort of plot device for the show. And apparently I'm too stupid to be embarrassed... as is evidenced by the fact that I wrote a whole blog post about this.

And if you're interested in Eric... his name is Rami Malek and along with the latest abortion installment in the Twilight series, he was also recently in Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. [Please note: the only reason I saw this movie is because it was one of the 4 movies being shown over and over and over again when I was on my cruise.]

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