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The post where Bear Allen makes a weak connection to books so she can talk about one of her favorite

There is a woman from deep in the heart of Texas (I actually don't know where she is geographically... I've just always wanted to use that cliche) whom I worship with all my heart and soul. She's off-balance, hilarious and finds joy in the most awesome things. In short... she's my hero. Her name is Jenny Lawson, and she's the author of The Bloggess... an amazing blog dedicated to Wil Wheaton collating papers, long-deceased rodents dressed as humans and the funny side of living with depression. If you haven't yet read her blog (or her almost-peed-in-my-pants-on-a-flight-from-Rome funny book), please do so. I promise you... you wont be disappointed. But I suggest you avoid browsing to her blog while at work. Because you will gigglesnort like a mofo. Fair warning. Now that I'm done fan-girling, let me get around to why I'm posting about her today. Well, her adorable, ancient, Gollum-look-alike cat named Posey recently passed away ::brief moment of silence::. But, with every death comes rebirth. And in this case, Posey's death is avenged by a wild-eyed, possibly meth-ed out ginger kitten. As The Bloggess is a fucking master at awesome pet names (she has a cat named Ferris Mewler... 'nuff said), I knew that I could expect nothing less than name perfection for this newest addition to the Lawson household. This kitten's name? Hunter S. Thomcat

hunter s thomcat.jpg

Apparently, his drugged-out countenance and penchant for running around the house like Whitney Houston 3 days into a crack binge (too soon?) did Jenny's work for her. And as we recently read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for the BW&R Challenge... I FINALLY found a way to shoehorn The Bloggess' brilliance onto this blog. And if I do say so myself... NAILED IT!

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