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Yes Virginia, there is a Helen Keller!

The title of this post will only be funny (or mildly amusing) to a very select group of people. For the rest of you, please just ignore me. Well... don't ignore the entire post. Just the title. I really want you to read the rest of this post. Awww... .don't be like that! PLEASE DON'T GO! Phewwwww, moving on... This post is to introduce our next book, the first one in episode 10. So give your arm to Annie Sullivan and let her lead the way as we read The Miracle Worker by William Gibson. [I can't tell if the Annie Sullivan joke was in poor taste. If you think it's funny- laugh. If not- I really don't care what you think. You are entirely too sensitive and I suggest that you steer clear of any future Daniel Tosh shows. ;o)]

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