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Baby Girl Jesus never did locate her missing arm. Lorelai invited Narcolepsy Boy to use the front door. Richard almost ruined Christmas (jerk). Lorelai made the mistake of telling Luke that he "always looks good". As the giant man-turned-beetle exits stage right, we finish Forgiveness and Stuff. And as Lorelai tells us what "Marcel Proust would say...", we begin Paris is Burning. In episode 11, let's just say that Lorelai is rather busy... she gets nervous about Rory's attachment to Max, she insults Sookie, she kisses Max at Chilton as Paris watches on, and she breaks up with Mr. Medina (don't worry... I have a sneaking suspicion that he'll be back!) Now, normally I would add a fun video clip from our latest episode. However, youtube apparently hates this episode and is not returning anything I can use. So, instead, I give you this...

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