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I'm embarrassed to be doing this

... but this post is about something I read on Now I'd like to believe that, by this time, you've come to trust me. I promise I will never lead you astray- into a world where we read a book the instant we see the Oprah Book Club stamp on the front cover. But for now, please just take my word for it. I am approximately 33% of the way through the first volume of In Search of Lost Time. And I will admit... I am completely enamored. I find myself reading Proust's paragraph length sentences out loud, to really feel how his words combine to form some of the most beautiful prose I have ever laid eyes on. About a third into the book, and it is already obvious to me that this book is a true work of art.

in search of lost time.jpg

In wanting to know more about Monsieur Proust, I checked in with my trusty friend Google, to see what interesting tidbits I could learn and shares with you. Although I was hesitant to click on any link that brought me to Oprah's website, I'm glad I got over my initial fear. I believe the below linked article to be incredibly helpful for any reader looking to conquer In Search of Lost Time. And, although we're only reading Swann's Way at this point, we will eventually be reading all seven volumes. And I believe the advice contained in this article is invaluable for those of us with no life and too much time on our hands.

How to Read a Hard Book - In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust

And in an attempt to entice you, I promise, it's not insipid "inspiration" drivel from Ms. Winfrey. It's written by a professor at NYU who teaches In Search of Lost Time. I think those credentials are good enough!

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