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Lunch at The Algonquin

My good friend recently realized a long-time dream and scored a sweet job in NYC. Unlike what I'm doing for lunch (eating leftover pizza at a desk in Shelton, Connecticut), she gets to walk the famed streets of Manhattan. As a way to rub it in, I just received these two photos.

algonquin 1.jpg

Since we recently read The Portable Dorothy Parker (and Bear Allen became totally obsessed with the Algonquin Round Table), I figured I'd share. I'm assuming most of my readers aren't in the presence of the ghosts of Parker, Benchley and Gang during their lunch breaks. Oh... and P.S. She also now has rights to a library card for The New York Public Library. So while this bitch is hanging out with Patience and Fortitude, I'm relegated to crossing my fingers that my local library may have a copy of The Miracle Worker (spoiler alert: they didn't). It's a good thing that I look really good in green.

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