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Bear on a boat!

Okay, I admit it. I am officially the most spoiled person on the planet. You may remember this post from about three and a half months ago... where Bear Allen brags about her plans to drink all the mojitos on a free Mediterranean cruise. Well, fast forward to the end of July... and here we are again! In five days, I have the horrendous job of having my amazing in-laws take me and Husband on a cruise to Bermuda. It becomes even more obnoxious when I point out that this will be the fourth time I've been to Bermuda. I really am an asshole. I haven't decided if I'm going to read BW&R Challenge books while on my cruise. I do, however, know that I plan on finishing and posting my review of Swann's Way before I embark. I don't want Proust haunting me on the lido deck like Don Quixote did! Cervantes is a bastard... and I'm pretty sure his ghost was the one drinking my mojitos. There's no other good explanation for why they disappeared so fast! And, as most of you know about this (otherwise known as "The Day Bear Allen Should've Ended Her Life Because It's Most Likely All Downhill From Here"), I've asked Husband who he thinks I'll meet on our way to New York to board the ship.. because this has become a new cruise tradition- right? Go on a cruise... meet a Gilmore girls star?! Sounds about right to me! Forcing me back to reality (a place in which I am not very comfortable), he tried to tell me that there's no way I'll meet Lauren Graham in line at the midnight buffet. Granted, he's got a point, I don't think you get an ass like that by participating in the kind of ugly-American consumption that occurs on a cruise... but can't a girl dream?! And in anticipation of my next cruise, here are a couple of photos from my last trip- chronicling what I pretty much spend my time doing on... looking for adorable baby animals I can harass. This is Bear Allen with a few Tunisian kitties. Forget the amazing, ancient ruins of Carthage you see there in the background... THERE ARE KITTENS TO PET!!! Husband didn't want me to touch them, and I almost yanked my arm out of the socket trying to get to them. He eventually gave in... because you'd think after 14 years, he would know better. He should just consider himself lucky that we didn't come home from that trip with two new kitties that meow in Arabic!


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