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Book Radio

When Howard Stern made his historic move from terrestrial radio to Sirius, I knew I'd be making the move too. I needs me my Baba Booey to start the day off right. I've had Sirius (now SiriusXM) for approximately seven years... and I don't think I could ever go back. The few times I've been exposed to terrestrial radio since I made the leap have been painful. Even on that fateful day when Howard decides to retire and Howard 100/Howard 101 are no longer (*sob*)... I refuse to give up my satellite radio.Since I spend most of my days listening to Howard, Robin and Fred... I have never really spent any significant time exploring the other channels available. I love Lithium for music (it's considered "what Daria's mix tape would sound like"... 90's alternative). When I'm not listening to Howard or Lithium, I mayventure over to the comedy channels, but that's a rare occurrence.However, I was just informed of a great channel that happens to have always existed in the SiriusXM arsenal...

sirius xm book radio.png

Book Radio (channel #80) plays audio books throughout the day. They also have interviews with favorite authors and discussions of the written word. I just figured I'd pass along this new discovery of mine to my loyal followers. And if I've just lived under a rock for the past 7 years and you've all known about this all along, just ignore this post! [BW&R Note: This awesome discovery brought to you by my friend, Debbie! I'm so glad she brought my attention to it!]

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