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"Don't you (forget about me)..."

I know you all have visions of Ally Sheedy eating a Cap n' Crunch sandwich and Molly Ringwald being a frigid bitch... but I'm talking about my blog here, people!

breakfast club.jpg

I had to come on here and throw myself on your mercy for not updating as frequently as I should be. I've had a lot going on lately and it's kind of taken a backseat. It also doesn't help that I got sucked into a re-read of Wicked instead of continuing on my quest to finish The Poems by Emily Dickinson (what can I say, I'm not great at just sitting and reading poetry). Really, I'm more into Elphaba and Glinda right now than what flower Ms. Dickinson thinks symbolizes sorrow. But I plan on getting back on track this weekend. So, I promise you'll hear more from my fat mouth on Monday! In the meantime, let's spend some time with John Hughes and Simple Mind...

#fun #emilydickinson

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