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Happy one year anniversary to...


bday party.jpg

Well, okay... Happy one year anniversary to The Black, White & Read Book Challenge. We did it! We made it a full year. Seeing as we're about halfway through season one after after a full 365 days, I've estimated that it will take me approximately 14 years to complete this challenge. I'll be 44 years old when I finish the very last book on the list. Aldeux probably wont even be alive anymore... he'll have been replaced with some sort of hard drive where I can download the book directly into my brain (hey, remember what George Orwell thought 1984 was going to be like? I'm not alone in my thoughts of the future being populated by hovercrafts and machines where you hit a few buttons and a hot, five-course meal pops out)! Let's do a little walk down Memory Lane (it's Sores & Boils Alley adjacent)... First post date: September 17, 2011 First book read: On the Road by Jack Kerouac First "I want to burn this" book: Moby Dick by Herman Melville Total books completed to date: 35 (34 if we don't count Ethan Frome... the book I read by mistake. Don't ask) Number of followers: 64 on blogger, 23 on tumblr And the highlight reel: My very first post Reading War and Peace in 12 days Meeting Jared Padalecki Finally got through Don Quixote The triumphant return of Amy Sherman-Palladino to the primetime television landscape In celebration of the fact that my baby has turned 1 year old today, we're doing a giveaway! Wanna know how to win? Place a comment about the wonder that is moi* (I told you I'm an attention whore) on this post and a winner will be randomly selected. So... comment away and win yourself something AMAZING (okay, it may be a Gilmore girls mug... but it's a cash value of like $20. That's in real American dollars, people!) In addition, I know some of my readers have issues posting comments with Blogger. If you run into an issue, email your comment to I'll copy and paste the text into the comments myself and you'll be officially entered into the giveaway. The giveaway will close at 2pmEST on September 18th. *I'm just kidding when I'm saying to comment on "the wonder that is me". If you feel so inclined, go for it! Otherwise, I'd love to hear about books you decided to read because of this challenge, your favorite Gilmore girls episode, your thoughts on life in general, your favorite fishing lure, how much mileage you get out of your car... whatever you want!

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