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And the winner is...

In celebration of BW&R's one year anniversary, I decided to do a giveaway (like a real, fancy-like blog).And the lucky winner? (drumroll please... "that sounded more like a helicopter)KAYLA!Her comment: I love Gilmore Girls. Did you ever have a mattress that just wouldn't die?

Kayla (and her great Gilmore girls references) wins this awesome mug (I have one myself and let me tell you... coffee tastes even more delicious when enjoyed out of it!)

bwr mug.jpg

Miss Kayla, please take a moment to email me at with your mailing address and I'll ship this baby right to ya!

And thank you so much to everyone who entered the giveaway. I have had so much unbelievable support in this little escapade. I'm so thankful for the people who not only care about what I'm doing, but take their time every day to check in with me. You're all the best and if I had Kardashian money, I'd send you alla Gilmore girls mugs. But don't fear, there are quite a few giveaways in your future. We have 14 years together, after all.

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