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Where she leads, we will follow...

Today, one of this world's most prolific singers/songwriters was honored with a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. And that woman was none other than Gilmore girls theme song writer, aka Sophie (of Stars Hollow's Sophie's Music fame)... The Amazing Carole King.

carole king 1.jpg

I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing Miss King (and James Taylor) in concert... and the woman is a powerhouse. I may have also gotten shitfaced and proceeded to yell to the stage "several" (read: a lot) times "SING WHERE YOU LEAD!!! SING THE GILMORE GIRLS THEME SONG! LORELAI WANTS YOU TO DO IT!" (Hey! I never said I was a classy drunk!)

carole king 2.jpg

To read more about King's honor, go here:

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