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Bear Allen don't do New Year's Resolutions

You're going to see a lot of blog posts over the next few days, talking about so many well-meaning but (let's face it) pointless resolutions people are totally not going to break this year. They are going to finallyget to the gym in 2013 (when we all know that we'll see their asses on the elliptical until approximately next Thursday, never to be heard from again until Jan 2nd, 2014). They will be more organized (browsing on Pinterest for hours and pinning organization shit will not make you more organized... just an FYI). And they will stop watching as much tv (why would you even make this resolution?! Television is fantastic!). Blah blah blahbity blah. I don't play that game. I think that a new year can be seen as a new start and therefore is a perfect time to set some goals for the coming year. But a "resolution" just carries with it the burden of eventual failure. Eff that noise. So... my goals for the year strictly relating to BW&R?

  • To try to get further in my challenge.

  • To try to post a little something every day.

  • Start sharing with you what I'm reading outside of BW&R.

That's it. Nothing life changing, nothing that will be some sort of complete revamp of Bear Allen. Because, let's be honest here, that shit ain't happening. I'm 31 years old... if I haven't fixed it yet, it ain't ever getting fixed! [please note that my improper use of "don't" and any use of "ain't" in this post are entirely for entertainment purposes.]

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