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Thinner: The Gypsy's P90X Solution

This is our second installment in the Deep Thoughts from Damp Tresses series (aka What Bear Allen Reads While She Dries Her Hair). And for this one... I'm reading yet another Stephen King. So sue me! I don't get as much of a King fix as I'd like nowadays... I have to get it wherever I can!


Amazon's Description: When an old gypsy man curses Billy Halleck for sideswiping his daughter, six weeks later he's ninety-three pounds lighter. Now Billy is terrified. And desperate enough for one last gamble...that will lead him to a nightmare showdown with the forces of evil melting his flesh away.

Okay, I'm not going to lie... it was hard for me to get it up for a story about a man just effortlessly losing weight while my ass is steadily gaining mass day by day. But yes Stephen King... I get the point of your story and the ending was in keeping with your usual fucked up mind (I love you so!) Thinner was a quick read and might be a good intro to the mind of Stephen King if you're a King virgin. So I definitely recommend it! [And a very special thanks to my friend Kris for this super witty title (and the name of the series). I haven't been feeling very creative lately so I asked him to come up with something spiffy for me. As always, he delivers!]

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