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I need this book in my life!

My friend Lauren just sent me the below Amazon link saying "You should get this after Lorelai is here".

Tequila Mockingbird- Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Now I want this book soooooo badly. Almost as badly as I want ALL THE DRINKS! This long, sober 9 months reminded me of the below exchange between Sookie and Lorelai from might be, arguably, my favorite Gilmore girls episode ever "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?" (aka The Dance Marathon- s 3: e 7). Sookie: All of a sudden, completely out of the blue, Jackson announces he wants four in four. Lorelai: He wants what? Sookie: Four in four. Four kids in four years. Lorelai: Good Lord! Sookie: I know! Lorelai: Well, who’s he gonna have these kids with? Sookie: Me, apparently. Lorelai: What did you say? Sookie: See, here’s where, uh, the problem comes in. Lorelai: What? Sookie: I think I said yes. Lorelai: How is that possible? Sookie: Well, I was totally shocked when he announced it and I sort of said, "O. . kay" and . . but I think he took it as, "Okay!" So, apparently, now I have to get busy. Lorelai: Do you want four in four? Sookie: No. But, I mean, I want kids. You know I want kids. Lorelai: I know you want kids. Sookie: But I thought maybe one. Two if the first one is really quiet. Lorelai: Well, honey, you have to tell Jackson that. Sookie: I can’t. Lorelai: Sookie, this is not like the fruit bowl his mother gave you. You can’t stick four kids in the attic and just pull them out at Christmas. Sookie: I know, but Jackson and I have never had a real fight. We’re still newlyweds. We still sneak out of bed in the morning to brush our teeth, then get back in bed and pretend we just woke up smelling like that. Lorelai: You don’t have much of a marriage if you can’t talk about the important things. Sookie: I know. Do you think I’m crazy to not want four in four? Lorelai: Four kids is a lot, and four years without a cocktail . . . Sookie: Wow, hadn’t thought of that. Lorelai: Glad to shed some much-needed perspective on the situation. Sookie: We’ll take care of this today.

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