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"Grab your brush and grab your rollers..."

So, our next episode is That Damn Donna Reed (s1:e14). It's a great episode... there's a rogue chick, a strand of pearls, Lime Fantasy Supreme, and an "almost" moment between Luke and Lorelai. The only issue with this episode is that there are three literary references. The first is to A Streetcar Named Desire (Stanley the Chick turns into Stella the Chick once Rory clarifies for Lorelai what junk she has in her possession) which we recently read. The second is to Don FUCKYOUYOURUINEDMYLIFE Quixote. Which we've already read (and subsequently took 10 years off of my life). The third is a reference simply to Lewis Carroll, not to a particular book. So, as for our current episode...NAILED IT!

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