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She's here!

I may not have been listening to 99 Luft Balloons and Emily wasn't screaming at me down the halls of the hospital... instead, I was watching Supernatural (Jared Padalecki!) and Bones. However, on Thursday May 9th at 1:48pm, I welcomed this Little Miss into the world. I'd like to introduce you to... Lorelai

lorelai 1.jpg
lorelai 2.jpg
lorelai 3.jpg

Yes, I went there. I named her Lorelai. I had a hard time with this decision. I didn't want to be thatperson, but there was not a name Husband and I loved more than Lorelai. I remember seeing the commercials for Gilmore girls before the show aired and thinking that the name of the main character was the most beautiful name I had ever heard. And I couldn't name my kid a name I liked less simply because of a show that has been off the air for six years. Now to start teaching her how to read ;)

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