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ABCFamily is dead to me!

How is it even possible that ABCFamily chose not to renew Bunheads for a second season... but The Secret Life of the American Teenager was allowed FIVE seasons. Let's just take a little peek at the quality of acting and writing that ABCFamily backed for five looooong years, shall we?

In fact, ABCFamily recently put Melissa & Joey up for an Emmy this year. Yes... you read that right. The show that stars Joey Lawrence as the "manny" to Melissa Joan Hart's fictional children. Yes... A FUCKING EMMY!

But no... they remove a show that is equal parts funny, touching and smart. They had the brilliance of Amy Sherman-Palladino in their arsenal and they decided to throw it away for more (as AS-P, herself, put it so eloquently) "hot teens being knocked up or lying". ABCFamily had the chance to bring something witty and positive to their teenager viewers. And they squandered it.

Good job, ABCFamily. You just lost a viewer. I'm a fan of Switched at Birth, but I will no longer be watching it. Hopefully Vanessa Marano (Luke's daughter, April) leaves in a show of solidarity to the woman who gave her a start in "the business we call show".

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