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"I'm ready to wallow now."

Our next episode (s1:e17) is titled "The Break Up (Part 2)". In this episode, Rory fights a good wallow after her break up with Dean and decides to be Uber Productive Rory to get her mind off of it. In a desperate attempt not to think about Dean, she goes to a party at Louise's house and kisses Lucas Scott Tristan Dugray. In another part of town, Lorelai booty calls an unsuspecting Max Medina. Lorelai and Max decide to give their relationship another shot... so as Rory's relationship is ending, Lorelai's is beginning anew. Such symmetry... brava, AS-P! Cue the ice cream and pizza with everything. Because youtube is severely lacking in videos of this awesome episode, here are some stills:

saturday gif.gif
ep 17 1.jpg
ep 17 2.jpg

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