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Reading is Chuck Bartowski-approved!

My friend, Lauren and I just recently discovered (and subsequently fell in love with) the tv show Chuck. And with that comes the inevitable insane crush on Zac Levi (I'm personally more of an Adam Baldwin girl... but Zac is a very close second). Zac is the founder of The Nerd Machine, a great website that promotes "nerd culture". He famously hosts Nerd HQ... various panels that take place during San Diego's Comic-Con(including the cast of shows like Chuck, Supernatural, Firefly, etc.) And that beautiful face comes along with a beautiful heart. The proceeds from Nerd HQ go to Operation Smile- an organization that raises money to fix cleft palates and other facial deformities suffered by children across the globe whose families would otherwise not have the funds to have surgically resolved. So, listen to Zac (aka Flynn Rider on Tangled)... Be a nerd! Read! Embrace your nerdom! And while you're at it... maybe donate a few bucks to Operation Smile!

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