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A home for every book

As I'm in the process of purchasing a new home closer to my hometown (yes, I'm brilllllliant and decided to sell my home and buy a new home starting at about my 7th month of pregnancy. Let's just say it was a blast to be packing up my house at 9 months pregnant and running out of the house for last minute showings with a 1 week old during maternity leave), I'm starting to get the decorating itch. All day long, I think about paint colors, I peruse Pinterest to come up with cool ideas... and I think about where my beloved book collection will have it's new home. In our new house (closing tentative Sept 13th... please cross all crossables for us that it goes smoothly!), we have this great room that is just screaming "I WANT TO HUG ALL YOUR BOOKS!" It's wood paneling, but not that chintzy, fake stuff. Gorgeous oak paneling and the most beautiful, solid book shelves run the entire length of the room. In fact, the current owners have a chair in that room that is printed with images of books (I kinda wanted to make it a contingency on the sale). It was one of the bigger selling points for this house for me and Husband. In my daily viewings of BuzzFeed, I found this great article: 16 Unique and Awesome Bookshelves For Every Budget Some of my favorites... even though they might not be so practical:

shelf 1.jpg
shelf 2.jpg
shelf 3.jpg

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