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Bisexuals, transexuals, transgenders... oh my!

I just recently finished In One Person by John Irving as one of my "fun reads". I am a hardcore John Irving fan and had been dying to read his latest since it was released last May. I am so glad I finally did. Yet again, Irving's quirky characters and view of human relationships both hit the nail right on the head and leave the reader with an understanding of their own flaws and humanity. His tales are always moving, dark and humorous... and In One Person was no exception.

in one person.jpg

Amazon's synopsis: Very few authors can create and sustain a cast of unique and unforgettable characters like John Irving. In One Person is a masterfully told story of identity, relationships, and the struggle that comes with living a life outside of the mainstream. The central figure in Irving’s lovely and strange novel is Billy; the narration jumps between different phases of Billy’s life, beginning with his most formative years as a teenager in the 1960’s discovering his bisexuality. Irving doesn’t shy away from the difficulties of sexual exploration and identity, forcing Billy, his friends, and his family (and the reader) to confront and question their beliefs and prejudices. Each new phase of Billy’s life brings new characters into the fold, but everyone serves a purpose and the ending rewards close reading. The world is not a black-and-white place, and Irving’s colorful characters embody all of the shades in-between. --Caley Anderson

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