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Remember when The DaVinci Code was a thing?

I am a big fan of Dan Brown. I was once informed that Dan Brown was "crap literature", but I really don't care. Especially because the person saying this doesn't actually read all that much himself. So... whatevs. Just enjoy filling up your bookshelves with books you've never actually read... that you simply purchased to impress people. I'll just be sitting over here ACTUALLY READING! End rant. Recently my friend lent me Inferno by Dan Brown (on audiobook). I had been dying to read it for awhile as I was previously completely caught up on all of Brown's books. I had actually attempted to read The Divine Comedy about a year ago for a book club I belonged to... and I actually think the decision to read Dante's masterpiece was the nail in the coffin for this particular book club. I'm not actually sure of any of us actually finished it (I know I sure as hell pun intended didn't). In my experience with The Divine Comedy, I learned that it is definitely a book you need to read... listening to it is not sufficient. But luckily, the same isn't true for Dan Brown's Inferno. I thoroughly enjoyed Brown's Inferno. While it was no Angels & Demons, it gave me an insight into Alighieri's nine circles of Hell. And it did the unthinkable... it made me want to give La Divina Commedia another shot.


Amazon's synposis: In the heart of Italy, Harvard professor of symbology Robert Langdon is drawn into a harrowing world centered on one of history’s most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces . . . Dante’s Inferno. Against this backdrop, Langdon battles a chilling adversary and grapples with an ingenious riddle that pulls him into a landscape of classic art, secret passageways, and futuristic science. Drawing from Dante’s dark epic poem, Langdon races to find answers and decide whom to trust . . . before the world is irrevocably altered.

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