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And speaking of Sylvia Plath...

... The Library Bandit wins again! On December 1, 2012, I posted this... announcing that I was starting The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath. Chances are, I borrowed it from the library at least a few days prior to this post. On March 6, 2013, I finally posted my review. Hey! I was 7 months pregnant and in that looking-at-the-clock-at-8:15-trying-to-decide-if-it's-acceptable-for-a-32-year-old-woman-to-go-to-bed-before-9pm phase. I would lay down in bed, literally get three seconds into whatever book I was reading and then a certain parasite would render its host unconscious. Well... Today, Friday October 4th 2013, at approximately 1:25pmEST... I finally returned Sylvia to her rightful home at The Plumb Library in Shelton Connecticut. Husband started harassing me (he knows how I roll) about returning the book well before Lorelai made her grand entrance. And a mere 10 months and 3 days later, the library finally got their property back. Husband was all smug, thinking I was going to owe like $60 and that I'd finally learn my lesson. Little does he know, Bear Allen never learns lessons. Especially when she's allowed to have a book in the back of her car for 10 months and only owe a grand total of $3.00! EVIDENCE!!!

sylvia plath return.JPG
sylvia plath return 2.JPG

I'd like to believe that I saved some Hot Topic-lovin' teenage girls from a few hours of lamenting about just how misunderstood they are. YOU'RE WELCOME!

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