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Sir Reads-A-Lot... Junior!

As I'm in a new town, I needed to get a new library card. I decided to use this excuse for Lorelai's first trip to the library. She, of course, had to come correct. And what better onesie to wear to your first library outing than this?!

library baby 1.JPG
library baby 2.JPG

And off we went! The librarian (aka The Person With My Dream Job) was very friendly so I just had to share with her the awesomeness of Lorelai's onesie. I'd like to believe she was impressed.

Here are some "in the stacks" action shots. Enjoy!

library baby 3.JPG
library baby 4.JPG
library baby 6.JPG
library baby 7.JPG

And now that we have our copy of The Art of Eating by M.F.K. Fisher, I can move on with challenge! All in all, a good day!

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