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Hurt! Walk! Stairs!

Amazon... I mean Santa's elves... delivered part of Lorelai's Christmas gift. And I'm soooo psyched!

Here they are!

baby lit.jpg

These are beautifully done children's board books with gorgeous felted character dolls reenacting the infamous tales. I love that the pivotal scenes are described in only one word, making it easy for a mere baby to grasp the complexities of Tolstoy (okay... not entirely, but I can't wait til Lorelai walks into kindergarten and tells her teacher that her favorite book is War and Peace).

Here are my three favorite scenes from War and Peace, Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre respectively.

baby lit 2.jpg
baby lit 3.jpg
baby lit 4.jpg

If you're interested in procuring a copy of these for the child in your life (or hey, for you... This is a no judgment zone), check out Cozy Classics!

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