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Go away, I'm reading!

My beautiful friend Kathleen recently called this awesomeness to my attention. Erin Bowman, Sarah Enniand Tracey Neithercott have joined forces and gifted the world with these charmingly snarky printable book jackets to warn the talkers in your life "back up... important reading in progress!" As someone who tends to get annoyed when I'm lost in a fictional world and some idiot wants to talk about Carrie Underwood's nuanced performance in The Sound of Music Live (now, if you want to talk about the perfection that is Audra McDonald as Mother Abbess, alright! But Carrie Underwood? Puuuuhlease)... these are perfect! This might be an adorable Christmas gift for the reader you love (or for yourself if you're sick of this whole "it is better to give than to receive" nonsense that constantly smacks you in the face this time of year)!

go away 1.jpg
go away 2.jpg

Go here to read the entire post and get the instructions on how to create these beauties!

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