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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Warm jammies, some (crappy virgin) eggnog and excitement. That's all you needed to make a magical Christmas Eve as a kid. But don't leave out the most important element... your all-time-favorite Christmas book read to you by a beloved adult. An adult who was (as you know now) trying desperately to get you wound down enough to finally go to sleep so they could finish placing your presents under the tree just-so/finish wrapping your presents with paper bags and staples/finish putting your presents together missing just a handful of parts (depending on the types of parental units you were born to). With that, I'd like to ask you what some of your favorite Christmas books were growing up? To help jog your memory (damn, you're old!), here are a few oldies-but-goodies...

xmas book1.jpg
xmas book 2.jpg
xmas book 3.png

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