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Booknerd Santa makes another trip down the chimney!

My wonderful friend Sharon is one of most treasured PIC (partners in crime. Go watch Roles Models right now, you slackers!) when it comes to book-learnin'. Although I believe I'm pretty passionate when it comes to reading... one short conversation with her and I'm all revved up about the glory that is the written word and I usually walk away with another 300-or-so must reads added to my list. So I was so touched (and excited. BearAllen loves her some prezzies!) when Sharon presented me with 4 gift bags the other day. And the contents did not disappoint! We'll start with her bookish gift for me. It is amazing and I can't wait to wear it. Preferably in public... so people assume (incorrectly) that I'm smart.

xmas t-shirt.JPG
xmas t-shirt 2.JPG

The second is an incredible set of books from the BabyLit series for Lorelai. Buy them here!

xmas baby books.JPG
xmas baby books 2.JPG
xmas baby books 3.JPG

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