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"Stupid naked angel butts!"

First... a confession of my lame-itude: I began episode 17 on August 16th, 2013. I'm beginning episode 18 on January 7th, 2014. Let's just let the patheticness of that fact wash over us for a second. ::silence of shame:: Moving on... Our next episode (s1:e18) is titled "The Third Lorelai". In this episode, Richie Cunningham's mom (or Aunt Marilyn if you want to keep this Gg-centric) travels from London to visit her son (Richard) and his family. "Trix" is a bit of an old battleaxe (and that's putting it kindly). It's amazing that you can simultaneously feel sympathy and schadenfreude for Emily. There is a bit o' awkwardness in the air as Rory and Lucas Scott Tristan (I'm pretty sure I've used that joke already... but I think it still holds up) after their kiss at Madeline's party now that they are partnered together on a project. Knowing that Paris likes Tristan, Rory suggests to him that he ask Paris out. After what can only be assumed to be the world's most boring date, Tristan gives Paris the patented "We should just stay friends" gutpunch to the soul. "Trix" (there is something so grossly Oedipal about Richard's relationship with his mom), thinking it distasteful business to borrow money, offers to allow Rory access to her trust fund early to help pay for Chilton. An insecure Emily throws a shitfit and OFFER RESCINDED. In the end, Rory loses claim to a quarter of a million dollars and Lorelai loses claim to... her miniskirt. Lorelai, while I"m sad for you about the article of clothing and everything... 250large would buy an awful lot of skirts. Just sayin'. For your viewing pleasure, here's a scene that makes me want to start singing Dishwalla's classic diddy, Counting Blue Cars.

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