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Possibly coming soon to a neighborhood near you... Little Free Libraries!

In September, Husband and I moved to (what I'm assuming will be) our forever home. It's perfect for us, in a beautiful neighborhood in the town we wanted to be in. It is exactly where I want Lorelai's childhood (well, the idyllic one in my head. She's only 11 months... I still have Pinterest-rific parenting dreams. Sue me.) to take place. And now I'm kicking myself that we purchased a house at the very end of a cul-de-sac (plural is cul-de-sac, not culs-de-sac. Never forget!). Because I would absolutely love to incorporate this into my life.

little free library.jpg

Little Free Library is a take a book/leave a book movement where neighbors can simply stop by your house and grab something to read or leave their favorite book to share with others. I'm absolutely in love with this idea... but not only do I live in a location that wouldn't get much traffic, I also live approximately half a mile from my town's beautiful public library. But you know I'm still thinking about it anyway.

A friend of mine at E is for Erin recently opened her own LFL for business... it's what made me realize that this is an entire community of people, working to encourage literacy.

Here's Erin's LFL (if you happen to live in Omaha, stop by!) and photos of some of my favorite libraries!

little free library 2.jpg
little free library 3.jpg
little free library 4.jpg
little free library 5.jpg

At the very least, I think I'm going to take a drive around to some of the Little Free Libraries in Connecticut and make a contribution. If you'd like to do the same, check out this map. And if you'd like to start your very own LFL, go here!

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